Go Solar with Confidence

We provide ethical, leading advice to businesses and homeowners to make the process of going solar easy.

"We believe in a planet where renewable energy is the predominant energy source by 2030."

Welcome to practical and powerful advice, to empower you to go solar with confidence.

When it comes to going solar it can be a confusing journey and challenging to know who to believe or trust.

There are countless products to choose from and everyone tells you they use ‘Tier 1 Premium’ products, but what does that really mean in real life?. There must be differences in quality, reliability and bankability right?

Add to that mix the competing solar retailers and installers all giving you biased information and trying to sell you something. You can see why many customers throw their hands up in the air with frustration and despair!

There must be a better way. An expert you can turn to who is unbiased and passionate about solar power.


Solar Guide helps you to make wise choices.

These are the reasons Solar Guide was founded. So all consumers can make wise choices when purchasing their solar power system, based on reliable and unbiased information from leading industry experts who know this process back to front.

Our company founders have a combined solar industry experience of 38 years and have worked for and with some of the biggest, brightest and best solar businesses both internationally and in Australia. We have done the hard work for you so you can save time, money and make your decisions with confidence.

We provide ethical, leading advice to businesses and homeowners to make the process of going solar easy. We make this information readily accessible so we can just get on with positively impacting climate and achieving our vision:

“A planet where renewable energy is the predominant energy source by 2030”

We believe there are three core challenges most consumers face.

And these all lead to stress, overwhelm and eventual burnout! And ultimately for many consumers it leads to no decision being made and the solar project ending up in the too hard basket..


Why Solar Guide

Peace of Mind

Have confidence in being supported by independent solar experts.

Industry’s Best Expertise

Access the industry’s best expertise, from solar industry veterans.

The Right Equipment

Using our platform will help you choose the best equipment for you and your needs.

Use Your Time More Valuably

As experts we will guide you so you don't have to spends days researching on the internet.

Advice in Your inbox

You will receive advice about going solar straight into your email inbox so you can review at your convenience.

Save Money

With our advice you will save money in the long term by choosing the best, most reliable products from reputable businesses.


A free service to you, so you can have peace of mind.

We have developed an array of information for consumers and businesses, from video and email based content to articles and posts that can be accessed 24 hours a day. And best of all, solar businesses pay to use this service so consumers can access this information for free and make wise choices on their solar journey.

From the co-founders at Solar Guide Russell, Warwick and Donovan, may we be of service to you as you join the solar revolution and may you have peace of mind and confidence in the decisions you make.

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